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8th International Conference on the History of Mathematics Education


Conference Context

The history of mathematics education – It is a field that is old, but has grown rapidly in recent decades. Important milestones have been the publication of a specialized “International Journal for the History of Mathematics Education”, and a number of books, such as A History of School Mathematics or Handbook on the History of Mathematics Education, covering national or international histories. Currently, two series of books devoted to the field are being published by Springer: “International Studies in the History of Mathematics and its Teaching” and “History of Mathematics Education”; a few significant works were published in them including the recently released The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction, 1908-2008: People, Events, and Challenges in Mathematics Education and Modern Mathematics—An International Movement? In 2004, a special Topic Study Group (TSG) on the history of mathematics teaching and learning was created at the International Congresses on Mathematical Education, the most important event of the international community dealing with mathematics education. Since this time, a TSG on the history of mathematics education has been arranged many times. Also, historians of mathematics education have been presenting the results of their research in other international gatherings, including the conferences on History and Pedagogy of Mathematics (HPM), the Congresses of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (CERME), the European Summer Universities on The History and Epistemology in Mathematics Education, and others.

Yet so far there is only one conference entirely devoted to the history of mathematics education – the International Conference on the History of Mathematics Education (ICHME). The first ICHME was held in Iceland (2009), followed by others in Portugal (2011), Sweden (2013), Italy (2015), the Netherlands (2017), France (2019) and Germany (2022). Each conference was followed by the publication of the proceedings, which became an important contribution to the field. 8th International Conference on the History of Mathematics Education will be held in 2024 in Warsaw, Poland.

Conference Purpose

  • To arrange a discussion of the latest research in the History of Mathematics Education, analyzing new findings, new methods of research, and interpretation and evaluation of sources
  • To help transcend national boundaries by creating a broad international panorama of what has happened in the history of mathematics education
  • To bring together representatives of various scientific disciplines who study and use the history of mathematics education in different contexts, including historians of mathematics, historians of education, mathematicians, and mathematics teachers


Hopefully, the results reported during ICME-8 will be used in the future to link the history of mathematics education with the contemporary practice of teaching this subject.

(include the following but are not limited to them)

Methodology of the research in the History of Mathematics Education

Transmission and reception of new educational ideas in Mathematics Education

The History of Mathematics Education and the History of Mathematics: Connections and mutual influences

Actors and Contributors in Mathematics Education

Development of Mathematics Education in specific countries

Development and changes in mathematical content within a curriculum and in the form of its presentation

Mathematics Education of groups historically underserved in education

Mathematics teacher education

Mathematics textbooks and other educational resources

Reforms in Mathematics Education

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The project is funded by the state budget, allocated by the Minister of Education and Science under the "Excellent Science II" Programme (Poland)


Committee on the History
of Science and Technology,
Polish Academy of Sciences
Commission on the History of Science, Polish Academy of Arts
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